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Nina and Isa painting the view and enjoying each other and the perfect afternoon

Back Home +1 happy for the company

It’s good to be loved! Thanks to everyone that had a part in helping us raise Sophia and getting her to where she is today ❤️ #usfbulls #usfbabybull

Leg 9 Tampa, FL to Orlando, FL without my Baby Bull 😒 πŸ˜ƒ all moved in #usfbulls #babybull

Leg 8 Panama City to Tampa, FL #usfbound

Leg 7 New Orleans, LA to Panama Beach City, FL #usfbound

Leg 6 Part 2 New Orleans, LA #usfbound

Leg 6 Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA #usfbound

Leg 5 Austin, TX to Houston, TX #usfbound

Leg 4 San Antonio, TX to Austin, TX #usfbound

Leg 1 Laguna Beach to Tucson #usfbound